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5 Tips for Streamlining the Home Buying Process

Buying a house can be a stressful life event – right up there with having a baby, starting a new job or planning a wedding.

When you consider how anxious all those other things make us, it can be easy to put off buying a new home and,  thus, put off the stress.

Buying your home doesn’t need to be as complicated or confusing as you think.

Read on for our five key tips that’ll make the home buying process a breeze.

1. Sort Out Your Paperwork

A lot of things in the home buying process are out of your hands. Sorting out your paperwork isn’t one of them, though.

Before you’ve even begun looking at new properties, you can start getting your documents together.

Work out your budget and then determine which documents a mortgage company, a real-estate agent or a lawyer will need from you.

Get these printed, copied, and bundled up beforehand and it’ll prevent you from holding up the process once things get moving.

2. Get Pre-Approved for Your Mortgage

Getting pre-approved for your mortgage is an important step.

If your mortgage is in place before you offer on a property, it’s more likely that you’ll get to buy the home you’ve been dreaming of. If not, you could lose out.

Each seller is different so it’s imperative to be prepared. If they want to move fast and you don’t have your funds in place, they’ll sell to someone who does.

3. Hire a Real-Estate Agent

You can either hire an agent that offers a concierge service or a traditional real-estate agent.

The advantage of a one-stop-shop-style agency is they’ll help you with every stage of the buying and selling process, including things like:

  • Home Pre-Inspection
  • Property Marketing
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance
  • Escrow

This type of agency helps move you through the home buying process feeling less panicked and with fewer sleepless nights.

An experienced real-estate agent knows just what’s on the market right now, what’s in your budget, and what property will check off most of your wish list items.

They’ll take the hassle out of your search, so no need for you to spend endless hours on the Internet looking for your next property.

4. Be Realistic and Willing to Compromise

When looking for a home, you need to figure out if the property is right for you and meets the needs of your family.

No matter your budget, though, it’s unlikely any house is going to be 100% perfect. Keep looking for perfection and you may never find your home. Determine what you can live with and what’s a deal breaker. Look at the big picture and see if you could customize the house yourself over time. Doing so can help you to see the potential in a home that might not be exactly what you want right now.

Your willingness to see the potential or compromise on fixtures and design features in the home could save you money, precious time, and a whole lot of headache.

5. Work Out All Your Fees Ahead of Time

The home buying process is much easier when you know how much money you’ll need to have on hand.

Do your sums beforehand so that you can go into this process forewarned and forearmed.

You’ll avoid any unfortunate surprises and won’t need to cause delays by scrambling for additional cash later.

Make the Home Buying Process Work for You

Following these five tips that we’ve outlined here will be vitally helpful in your home search. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by planning and putting in the work beforehand. That way, you’ll be every seller’s dream and will land your ideal home. All while keeping your stress levels under control.

Ready to buy your new house? Contact us to see how we can help take the weight off your shoulders.

Anthony Piccone is President of 7th Level Mortgage, LLC. A recipient of the South Jersey Entrepreneur of the Year award, he has more than 28 years experience in the financial services industry, and founded 7th Level Mortgage LLC in 2012. He first entered the financial market in the residential loan industry in 1995, with National Future Mortgage. Since then, he has become certified in Life Accident and Health Insurance.

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